I’ve taken my animal geekery from research projects in Africa to the University of Oxford and all the way to television screens. 


In the field I have studied antelope in South Africa and ants and termites in Mali.  Most recently I have worked on two conservation and biodiversity projects at the University of Oxford.


Environmental Change Institute, bushmeat hunting and livelihoods


WildCru, Sunda Clouded Leopard Project


With some good luck and hard work, I have managed to start getting the message out about the wonder of nature! The BBC took me under their wing and thrust me onto their screens via Springwatch and testing my animal know-how on Curious Creatures.


I have been a contributor to Springwatch via interviews, VT and pieces to camera.  I have filmed two series of Curious Creatures, dealing with mystery animal poo and taking on 'the Packham' on the opposite team.

I'm now working on some BBC main channel natural history productions due to air 2018 - watch this space! I work both behind the camera and in front of it, thus putting my animal knowledge to good use!


Outside of television media, I have been writing a newspaper column for a few years. It's about on my adventures on wheels, be they urban or more wild! Below are a few of my favourites.


getting tv ready - springwatch style


autumn leaves


a roll on the wild side


As you can tell, I love telling a story and nature has many more to tell! So watch this space for my upcoming adventures and more content.


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