I am lifelong animal geek! 

Ever since I was a kid, everything I wanted to do was animal based. 


Most kids read fiction books about adventure and mystery. 

Me?  No thanks. I went straight to animal encyclopaedias and books about pets in my local library.


Not only was I reading about it, but I was out and about seeing it too.  Geeky days out with my family, glued to a bird book and a pair of binoculars and lots of trips to the zoo.  It seems all I wanted was to see and learn more.


Funnily enough, as an adult, not that much has changed on that basis! I still want to see and learn more.


I continued on in my urge to learn more via a Masters in biodiversity and conservation, where I traveled the world seeing and discovering more. After finishing my studies, I was fortunate to secure a job looking for Bonobos deep in the Congo, but weeks before I was due to go to the jungle; I broke my back whilst on another adventure - the accident was so bad that I now use a wheelchair.  It also meant no trip to the Congo and a year in rehab!


Guess what?  I bounced back and it hasn't stopped me! When out of Hospital I went to study at the University of Oxford researching  human wildlife conflict and I'm still searching for creatures great and small.


What’s next?


Now I want to educate, spread wonder, and help encourage the next generation of nerdy kids to get into science.  My chosen method?  Television , radio and digital content - show and tell. 


Let's the great stories about nature that are unknown or tell the stories of those species and habitats under threat, or simply what’s going on in your neighbourhood.


Nature is omnipresent and ever changing.  Let’s go exploring and find out more- together!

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